3 Clothes that will reveal your sweaty armpits

Sweaty armpits? Avoid wearing 4T
Sweaty armpits? Avoid wearing 4T

Plan to go to the party? Go crazy to an outdoor activity? Do some public presentation? Cool! But that of course requires some adrenaline. You’re going to sweat a lot more than usual, pals.

The most important thing is to keep your armpits dry. But if it doesn’t seem to work yet, let’s take a short-term solution: avoid these three kind of tops. For they can make your sweat stains under the arms even more stand out. So remember this, avoid 4T: Tender color, Thin, and Tight Tops.

(1) Tender-colored and no motif shirt

Do you realize, any soft color tops such as yellow, green, pink, white or gray, make the sweat circle on your armpits protrusive. So does no motif or plain tops. After couple hours wearing them, don’t raise your arms too often. Because everyone now can see your armpits are being leaked.

Hint: Wear dark and patterned top, such as plaid. The sweaty armpits would be disguised.

(2) Thin clothes

Although you wear a black clothe, if the fabric is thin, you’re still in trouble. Because silently, the sweat will spread all over. Remember, the absorption capacity of thin fabric is low. So, the flooding armpits will soon be exposed. Oh no!

Hint: Choose a thicker top to wear.

(3) Tight tops

Wearing tight clothes helps us to increase the sexiness level. Agree. But be careful, tight clothes naturally make your skin pores hot and continue to sweat. And since a tight top clings to the skin, you can expect a “beautiful island” of underarm sweat is printed down there.

Hint: Simple, wear loose shirt so your armpit skin can breath.

The suggestions above are also good when you put sleeveless on. Don’t you ever think that the armpit’s stain wouldn’t show up on sleeveless top. That’s not so correct. Even if you wear a tank top, when you sweat a lot, the area under your armpits will be darkened wetly.

So, be wise in choosing top. Avoid 4T, once again.

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