4 Hidden Things that Make You Smell Awful

Body odor is not very tasty, indeed can be disrupt and destroy one’s confidence. There are some things that trigger the body odor might not be aware of. Know immediately the cause and how to overcome them.

Not drying properly
When you wake up late, everything must be done in a hurry. Including bathing and drying off. Make sure all drying dry. Especially in those parts of folds such as armpits and breast area, do not miss too between your toes.

Food with a lot of spices
Foods full of spices, like garlic and onions not only cause a bad breath but also body odor. In the process of digestion, these foods will release a gas that contains sulfur. Some of these gases will lead to liver and stomach, and some more as will be absorbed into the blood flow and pores (including on armpits).

A stress condition also triggers the body odor. When you’re under stress, you tend to increase sweat production. The bacteria that are always attached to the body breed faster on sweaty body.

Only use deodorant
Do not use ordinary body fragrances which contain antiperspirant use. Deodorant is only controlling sweat production temporarily, while antiperspirant can inhibit the production of longer sweat. When you buy fragrances, make sure buy product which labeled antiperspirant or deodorant and antiperspirant.

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