4 Nos in shaving the pits

Woman with hairy armpits sometime look differently sexy, but...
Woman with hairy armpits sometime look differently sexy, but…

People today tends to see that hairs grow in the armpits would downgrade a woman’s appeal. Especially when she likes to wear sleeveless or transparent tops. In China, it might be normal to see beautiful women show off their hairy armpits. But in most corners on the planet, people would be joking about that.

Not surprisingly, many of us–the women particularly–then decide to routinely remove hair under the arms. The cheapest way to do that is… to shave! Because you don’t have to go to a house of beauty just to shave armpits. You can do it wherever you want.

However, never underestimate the activity of shaving a sensitive area like armpits. It must be done correctly. Or else, it can give you irritation. Your armpit surface gets dull and darker by that, sooner or later. You don’t want it, don’t you?

So, here the things you must avoid when you’re shaving:

1. No armpit shaving in the irritated area

People who give this suggestion is a professor of dermatology’s assistant, Jessica Wu, MD. This beautiful doctor from the University of Southern California Medical School said, “If you ever shave the armpits earlier with irritation or wound, then you should wait until your underarm skin heals first. Even if that means until the hair grows again on your armpit.”

After it heals, go ahead, shave it. But don’t forget to apply a shaving cream before to protect your sensitive underarm.

2. No armpit shaving in the same direction with hair growth

This is to give best result of shaving. You should shave your underarm opposite to the direction of hair growth. But while applying the cream, do the shave to the same direction.

3. No armpit shaving before swimming

What a strange advice! But, here’s the explanation. After shaving the underarms, you don’t want to do any activity that allows bacteria get into the armpit pore. Swimming is one of them. Or sunbathing on the beach, lifting armpits that newly shaven. Bad idea! A battalion of bacteria would freely infiltrate your former “forest”. It can create itchy sensation, and when you scratch it, you’ll get irritation.

So, if a friend asked you to swim today, don’t panic, let alone get rush to cut down the “trees on the park”. Rather than shaving and welcoming bacteria or chemicals from the pool water, why don’t you just put a non-sleeveless swim suit on? It’ll covers your unshaved armpits. Problem solved.

4. No deodorant right after shaving

This is also important, with similar logic. Have finished shaving underarms, you are forbidden to use any antiperspirant immediately. After the shearing, usually underarm pores wide open. Don’t even try to apply deodorant at the moment, especially the one that contains aluminum, to that open area. Chances are, you can trigger some cysts or lumps on the armpit.

You should wait two or three hours before put the liquid on. Are you being hurry to go to college or work? Well, then go without deodorant on your pits! But still, bring your deodorant stick. So that later, after few hours, you can apply it in the toilet.

Simple prohibitions you don’t need hard effort to obey. Yet, you don’t want to ignore them.

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