4 Things to prevent armpits getting dark

Dark underarms? No way!You and me know, it’s never be easy to brighten the underarm skin. It needs patience and persistent effort. However, if your methods don’t show any positive result yet, at least try to stay away from the things below. So your armpit brightening program is not getting harder, or even be impossible.

What are those things?

1. Shaving too often

Did you know, the activity of shaving may possibly make your underarms darken. Because while you are shaving, there is always the underarm skin peeled and wounded. When that wound dries, generally it leaves black spots on your armpit. So, be careful in shaving sensitive areas like armpit. Lessen your shaving schedule. For example, from twice a week to once a week.

2. Using cream to lose the underarm hair too often

Of course, it’s powerful chemical, Mate! Stop using cream or gel for underarm hair thresher. These products contain strong acids and substances that can darken your sensitive, damp skin as side-effect.

3. Wearing tight clothes too often

Do you love press-body tops? Well, don’t wear them too frequent. Because it can cause friction at the base of your arms. This makes underarm skin darkened gradually. So, your option are, to wear loose clothes or sleeveless shirt. So your armpits can breath easily and there wouldn’t be any rubbing inside.

4. Sweating on armpits too often and too long

Are your armpits sweating? Go find a way to drain them, as soon as possible. Either by wiping or blowing them. In addition, take a bath regularly. Laziness of taking care your body can cause dirt and sweat accumulate in the armpits surface. That makes the underarms getting black for sure.

I know, it’s impossible to totally avoid those four. But at least, don’t do them too frequent. Or else, your armpits gets dark and increasingly getting difficult to be brightened.

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  1. how to get rid of dark, bumpy uaenrdrms?I have dark bumpy uaenrdrms. I have heard that this may be due to shaving, which causes ingrown hairs (my natural hair colour is black), and that waxing should help, but the times I’ve tried waxing have been very painful and frustrating. I do exfoliate the area with a loofa regularly and use a deodorant for sensitive skin’ (Dove, sensitive skin hopefully that’s less harsh). Does anyone know any other remedies/solutions that may help me? It’s summer and I would like to wear sleeveless/tiny-sleeved things without having ugly black pits. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond!What bothers me more is the darkness than the bumps what can I do to get rid of the dark color (other than waxing)?

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