5 Things about Armpit You May Not Know

ONE, the folds and the surface condition of one’s armpits are congruent with the folds and surface conditions of her beyond-knee. Sometimes the aroma is the same too. So if you want to imagine how the appearance of one’s armpit (e.g. smooth or wrinkled, white or black, soft or rough), while his clothes are always closed the armpits, just look at her “leg’s armpit” (which is located behind the knee).

TWO, the armpit is a sensitive area, either for men or women. “Sensitive” means ticklish and easily to be hurt. So it’s nothing to do with gender factors. Even a muscle and macho man can not stand when his armpit is attacked.

THREE, you don’t feel ticklish when you’re tickling your own armpits. According to Aristotle it is because you have anticipated and have a full control of the tickler’s fingers i.e. (your own fingers) movements. But when it is your partner’s fingers that tickle you, you’ll be paranoid to anticipate them, so that laughter arises.

FOUR, the woman generally loves when a man admires her armpits. But not the other way! Woman tends to look away the view of man’s armpit. I don’t know whether this is a question of culture (woman never obviously shows the interest in direct) or woman is not attracted to man’s armpit indeed. But…

FIVE, there are Indonesian artists who had publicly declared how much she has enjoyed male armpit (in this case her own husband), anyway. For instance, Titi DJ and Chintami Atmanegara.

One thought on “5 Things about Armpit You May Not Know”

  1. agak rancu sih den.
    yg nmr 1 itu coz jenis jaringan kulit lutut luar n ketek beda. lg pula lutut lbh sering kebuka n sering kena luka (sayat, memar dll). however, faktor2 itu jd pembeda. so kyky lutut bkn patokan.
    yg nmr 2. sementara org kelainan saraf indera diabaikan, toh ‘sensitive’ itu bkn umum dan trgantung kndisi psiko (emosi, kebiasaan bwh sadar dll). udh 2 org cew n 1 cow yg gw tau di kls gw kl dia bkn tipe yg ‘cacing kepanasan’ kl pun yg diserang adlh ketek. yg gw tau mrk adlh org yg sifatnya cuek n agak ga neko2 idupnya. maybe ini jd pengetahuan, siapa tau lo punya temen kyk temen gw ini n manfaatin keadaannya. hehe.

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