Actually, You Can Reduce Body Odor Naturally with Diet

There is a saying that the smell of your body reflects your personality. This includes what you consume, lineage, and lifestyle. The saying is true, but biologically, body odor is caused by the system in your body.

Are you having problem with body odor? Don’t feel inferior. Many people have the same problem. They commonly rely on external medication. Instead of cover up  body odor with fragrances and scented deodorants, you can actually apply a healthy lifestyle to get rid of the condition.

  1. Reduce strong-smelling food and beverage consumption. The smell from certain food, like garlic or chili, can be emitted through the pores after eating. It makes your body spreads strong aroma. Avoid them, including alcohol and tobacco products.
  2. Eliminate dairy products. It is healthy, but may cause body and mouth odor if consumed often.
  3. Add vegetables and fruits into your menu. Fruits and vegetables contain antioxidant. This is good for the lymph system (which produces sweat).
  4. Most importantly, drink a great deal of water. To remove the toxic that caused body odor, drink at least eight glasses everyday. Besides, water will dilute your sweat that reduces body odor.

Sweat is the source of body odor. However, don’t expect to omit sweat in any way, such as having surgery. It is risky and certainly expensive. Our body always produces sweat naturally, which gives some benefit. One of them is to neutralize body temperature. Let it be that way. Just take a good care of your body by implementing healthy diet.

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