Armpit massage, how to do

Armpit massage
Armpit massage

Do you massage your armpits, folks? Ha-ha, I don’t think so. Such a wasting time! LOL. But did you know, to massage those pits is good to keep it loose. If you are like me, workout routinely with the weights, you need to massage your armpits. And don’t laugh! This is serious. A tight underarm muscles can cause the limited range of motion of your shoulders. Even it can cause such shoulder pain.

Is it good? No, it’s almost tasteless. I far more enjoy a massage on the back, shoulder, arms, hands, legs, or head. But, since there are some “hardwork” muscles in your armpits, you need to treat them fairly. Do the armpit massage routinely. It’s easy.

  1. Raise your arm high. It doesn’t have to be in the air. Just lay on the bed opening one of your armpits and relax.
  2. Pinch and shake that armpit back and forth as you go up and down the armpits.
  3. Press your underarm with your thumb as you bring the muscles with the other fingers. Go up and down.
  4. Press and move the arm. If this arms gets tired, pinch the underarm and move your arm sideways, up and down, or rotate your shoulders. Go up and down.

Maybe with a video, it is clearer. Watch this lucky bastard massage his own armpit and the girl’s….

Care to massage your partner’s armpits? Why not! As long as you do it right. Because, you know, the armpit is one of the ticklish parts in human’s body. The arms, remember, have a few areas that you should touch tenderly. For example, the inside upper arm, which is filled by nerves. Meanwhile, the elbow holds what we called “funny bone.” It’s a part in the elbow that can cause a lot of pain when someone or something touch too hard. You know where it is, I’m sure.

OK, I leave you here. Happy massaging the armpits!

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