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Let’s study contemporary English now. Did you know that the word “pit” (short of “armpit”) is developing among cultures. So these days it’s used with many other words and generates many new meanings. Alright, these just few examples.

A patch of hair under ones arm. Like “moustache”, only on the armpit. In our culture, when a woman have a pitstache, she’ll get a double-take. I still don’t know why.
Ex. “Aunty Risma, I can give you a loan for your barber shop but you must keep your pitstache and wear tank top all the time.”

pit stains
When pools of sweat accumulate beneath the armpits.
Ex. “Oh my God, I didn’t know that gorgeous girl like Yati can have huge pit stains like that!”

pit rub
Alternate way of saying deodorant.
Ex. “Elsa’s armpits were smelling dank nasty, so we threw her a tube of pit rub.”

pit shit
When chunks of deodorant get stuck in ones armpit hair.
Ex. “Last night, my frieds had hangover. All of them! I had to drive them home. But when I came to Nita, I slipped into her pit shit. Gosh, she was really dirty under her arms!”

pit rott
The build up of dead skin cells mixed with congealed underarm deodorant, particularly aluminium based preperations. This mixture then permanently stains the armpit area of business shirts leaving a yellowish stain on white business shirts. Ironing the shirt sets this mixture permanently. Furthermore, this ‘pit rott’ contains an accumulation of bodily secretions giving a pungent aroma of concentrated stale urine, specially when the garment is being ironed or worn on a warm day.
Ex. “I could see Karin’s pit rott when she raised her arms. The bum stench and fecal stains under her arms was enough to make the boys gag.”

A process cleaning the underarms by removing dead skin and impurities through exfoliation. When pedicure is for feet and manicure is for fingers, piticure is definitely for armpit.
Ex. “After having piticure treatment, Ima’s underarm hair grows in softer and finer, less prickly and thick. It hasn’t reduced the growth of it at all, but they becomes easier to shave.”

The frozen state of underarm sweat. Most likely caused by summer temperatures and humidity followed by lunch in a Chipotle.
Ex. “Summer, excessive chili sauce, a lot of coffee and laughing lead them to pitting out, after which the cute Achy entered a Chipotle and her pitstains were turned into pitsicles.”

pit smoke
Pungent body odor emanating from one’s armpits.
Ex. “When Nuri disembarked from the plane into Bombay for the first time, she was immediately suffocating from the pit smoke bombarding her from all angles.”

pit puppies
The small roll of fat between the armpit and side of the breast (armpit fat). Used in a similar vain to muffin top (referring to waist fat above the the hip bone). Your pit puppies are not legitimate side-boob, but are a separate roll of fat that leaks out of the side of the bra and ends at the armpit crease, although a pit puppy is sometimes only visible when wearing a bra.
Ex. “Ekowati yelled out loud once her bag strap pinched her pit puppy.”

A slave, in BDSM consensual circumstance, with an armpit fetish. It means that she or he loves her or his armpits to be naked, exposed, vulnerable.

Sweating profusely on the armpits.
Ex. “Yeyen is a hyperhydrosis girl alive. No watter what is the weather, she’s always pitting.”

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