Do Miss Indian loves when Mr. Indian admires her armpits?

This is real conversation happen on net forum for months.

I am an armpit lover. I slept with several gals or women, maybe more than 150. And several of them told me that indians like licking armpits (nothing racial, since I am indian too). Just wondering how many here are indian and from what state or city.

Miss indian with her sariPit-Playboy
Did girls actually tell you that guys like to lick pits? Or did they mean that they like if guys lick their pits? Well, couple of days back, I took the courage and asked my girl about her armpit. Asked her whether it was smooth or rough and told her that I want to see it. And as I was expecting that she would react, but she didn’t. She took it very easily.

They told me that guys love licking. But there were some gals who told me that they enjoy it when I lick their armpits.

Hmm, nice to know it, Sunny. Well, I’m thinking that I’ll encourage myself and will try for my girl’s armpit. Don’t know how would she react?

I hope she doesn’t react this way, “Boy, that’s my armpit!”

When you lick her pits she just will close her eyes and enjoy the licking. I am damn sure about it from my own experience.

Do it while in bed and when you’re inside her. Raise both her arms. Start with her breasts. Move towards her pits. Sniff it … lick it … kiss it … suck it slowly. And you will notice her quiver while she is close to having an orgasm. Most girls don’t say it, but they do enjoy it. As there is a biological gland in the armpits which is EROGENOUS zone for sexual pleasure. Slowly, try to convince her to grow hair and do not use deodorant. And then smell her sweaty pits while doing her … gosh, it is sexy and hot and they will start to enjoy it too. Just the way most south indian girls do.

Nice said, INL Bhai …. Well, let’s see what happens!! I’m actually trying to make my girl comfortable with talking about her armpit. Two days back, I asked her over the phone that whether she shaved her armpit or not when she took shower that day. She said no. Then I asked her how many times she shaves her armpit in a month. She said 2-3 times. Let’s see how far can I go, will talk it up further ….

My girlfriend didn’t hesitate for even a moment when I asked to raise her arms and let me lick her pits. I think she had enjoyed it.

I lick and suck my wife’s pits routinely and she enjoys it a lot.

Once I told my girlfriend about pit mania of boys. Surprisingly, her answer was, “Hey, don’t come to teach me! I know it well that you guys are mad with our armpits!” Oh my God! Thanks God that she knows it!

Awesome, dude! Your girl is smart one. How come she knows that guys like armpits? Did you ask her?

I think it is only middle class or lower class guys who enjoy looking at a woman’s armpit, at the slightest raise of her sleeveless arm. That is because guys in upper class are used to have women around them wear sleeveless dresses at a very young age.

Ok, Pit-Plaboy. I’ll ask her (my girlfriend) from where she learnt about the armpit mania of male folks.

Okie-Dokie, PIPLU ….

Hey, Pit-Playboy. I got the answer! She has learnt it from one of her married classmate. She told my girlfriend about the pit mania who was taught by her husband practically on bed! Ha ha. Also my girlfriend told me that her friends when gather together in the campus, sometimes raise the topics of female pits. She also told that the famous female magazine, Femina, Cosmopolitan, Society published from India teaches the girls how to make their pits attractive to the guys and how to use the pits as wooing tools!

Waaaaa …. Cosmopolitan does that? WOW …. never knew that! So, that means … these pit mania is wide spread into our society. But no one talks about it. Man, I gotta talk about it with my girlfriend ….

Hello, friends! Just a few minutes ago I have sucked my girlfriend’s sweaty armpits when she just returned from college! Special thanks to her parents that they were not present at home when I went to see her! Hahaha! My tongue can still feel the taste of her heaven (armpits)!

PIPLU … Neeehiiiiii. You did it before me …. neeeeeeehi. Man, awesome. Dude-dude-dude, how was it? Was it bad? Did it taste bad? How was her reaction? Tell me … tell me ….

Those who says that the taste of female armpits (the girl necessarily needs to be beautiful, smart, and social) is bad, they are authentic mad! A smart and beautiful girl is exposing her pit and raising her hand for you to suck, the scene itself is a sheer beauty. In my opinion, the flavor my tongue got from my girlfriend’s armpits can compete against any indian juice or food! Are you jealous, my dear friends?

Sleeveless_lover is right!! Upper-middle class guys don’t go mad looking at pits! Its just another part of the body for them! Its only middle and lower-middle class people who go mad looking at exposed pits of gals wearing sleeveless clothes. I had more than 2-3 such experiences where I wanted to actually kiss the armpits of those who were travelling in bus with me and showing me their exposed sexy armpits. Once it was very close …. I shared that experience here some months back! Also, when I board local trains here in Mumbai, I board the compartments right next to the ladies first class compartment. Sometimes, I can be lucky … so!!!

I think Piplu is right. The taste of female armpits has no compare. There is no question of upper or lower class. Every male enjoys the flavor of female pits. Some admits, some denies. I suck my wife’s armpits ten to twenty times a day. She wears sleeveless blouse round the clock. But that has not decreased my thirst her ever-wet pits. Wow, Piplu, you are lucky. (Me too)

Wow, Piplu, what an experience!

Hey, Guys. I think I’m going to have a new girlfriend. And I saw her pits, trust me, they are helluva Smooth. Let’s see what can I do ….

I’m a man who loves licking girl armpits. Actually, I prefer licking Asian girl armpits. All girls I have dated were licked. Now I’m dating a girl 11 years older than me. She loves me licking her armpits, and she also does for me. I strongly believe that girls enjoy that. At the end I’m sure that Korean girls got the best armpits. I put all my face in. I smell and lick it as crazy, hehehehe.

Hey, Jay. I have something to tell about your experience. Your weakness towards your girlfriend’s pits is natural. But as you have told, your girlfriend also sucks your pits, is against nature. Girls do NOT like male armpits. If any girl DOES that, then this is her hormone problem. I mean, she possesses more male hormone than female hormone. I have talked with many beautiful and smart girls in my college and varsity life about armpits. Everybody answered that it is natural that girls do NOT like male armpits, rather they hate them. But they are well aware that female pit is a huge turn-on to almost every male. That’s why they like to display them. Please don’t advocate for male armpits anymore.

11 thoughts on “Do Miss Indian loves when Mr. Indian admires her armpits?”

  1. I once managed to shave my young maid’s armpits and then licked it.It was awesome and she was pleased.

  2. From which web site I can get video clips – where man licking female armpits.

    With Warm Regards
    Raja Sharma

  3. Definitely A Singh is a SARDAR. He would rather eat fatty food then to enjoy the heavenly scent of a female’s hairy and sweaty armpits 🙂

  4. I always like my moms armpits,its very dark but i just like it.,
    she is also a armpit licker we don’t like to have sex,but we really like to smell each other.!

    1. Vishal…

      You didn’t say whether you are M or F. I’m gunna guess that you are male, but for this reply it will not matter.

      So… You like to sniff your Mom’s armpits; and visa versa.
      You said that you … (consider and) know that it is dark to do so.
      So if you are doing that still you either consider the dark taboo of doing that (both giving and receiving) fine and okay to do OR you consider it wrong/dark but therefore you both transgress by doing so. Which is it? Or is it another concept and situation?

      As for me… I would TOTALLY be steering clear of ANY single thing or multiple things that promote and bring a sense of excitement,feeding of an addiction, and/or hormone elevation because of the partner’s mutual hormonal elevation (therefore that is truly bringing about a sexual situation, despite the avoidance of sexual intercourse or genital touching) if that partner was picked by or for me and she was my mother.

      Did you know that besides the visual stimulation, the MAIN reason that ppl enjoy armpit sniffing or armpit licking is because each partner will smell sense the hormones of the other person? It’s a scientifically proven fact that some (supremely blessed oversensative) ppl can sense and smell hormones in the air or on something. Why do you think that most guys LOVE Beaver? Some women can sense a unique smell or light scent on a man’s CLEAN member, and/but some love to smell it sweaty and very wet from sweat (one way that hormones are brought out of the body is in the sweat of both males and females).
      That being the case and putting it into a word picture:

      First, picture that there are two totally parallel sets of track that these trains run on and they go on for miles and miles and miles until they finally come to a common destination right between the two sets of track.

      ALL of the ppl in the WORLD are given a ticket to ride on one of these two trains. They have no choice of train because it is based on their individual DNA.
      LESS sensitive ppl are given a ticket for & put on the first train explained below.
      And the more acutley sensative ppl are given a ticket for & put on the second train explained below.

      Train #1: It is an older but still a very powerful train; but it is crafted and made to run/carry a large number of weighty train cars at only “at a good rate of speed” with a LIGHT load and it is engineered for torque, as seen & denoted by the size of the wheels (they are of a smaller diameter when compared to train #2 below).

      These two trains differ from one another in the length & weight of each train and from the gearing mechanisms used to run the train, all the way up to the heavy & thick types of metal used to build the Train #1.

      For Train #1 to get up to the speed of train #2 is impossible, even with multiple engines running back to back both front and back on the tracks because of the variables listed above.

      Train #2: It is a brand new future fantasy train and it is powered by the strongest train engines ever engineered & available today. And they are on the one and only train engine (Confused? It’s one thing in the front that pulls the cars along the tracks…the train car hauler [an engine] with more than one say “Chevy manufactured engines” in that one “train engine”).
      So that being the scoop… They are obviously not Chevy manufactured engines but they are some manufacture’s hyped up futuristic plasma drive engines or whatever, made for both ultra high torque and ultra high horse power (I believe that real train engines are measured in other measuring units than those units that I listed; but this is just to help by being commonly known, thus more understandable units).
      This train is sleek and aerodynamic and has a special paint coating that was made by NASA originally to make space equiptment more able to slice through the intense air mass at the front of a plane, rocket, or spacecraft.

      This made up train is faster than a Japanese “Bullet Train” and those regularly hit around 200 mph.

      This brand new fantasy train has more powerful engines, more of them, and it is lighter because of the lighter but strong contemporary space age metals engineered to build this train.

      So that being the case, suppose that one can experience pleasure from being in/on each particular train, and remember that each person is physically bound to (because of their NON-chosen DNA retained train ticket).
      Now…the passengers each gain MORE pleasure and a BETTER quality of that pleasure as their train gains speed and momentum. They are therefore STIMULATED by being on that train going toward the common destination.

      These two sets of passengers are total opposites in the sense of their ability/blessing used to sense/smell hormones.

      The passengers on Train #1 (in this sense: only b/c that is our only topic here for the word picture), have an underactive (if you will) sense that smells and senses those hormones referred to in this topic.

      On Train #2 the passengers have a hightened and sometimes overactive hormone sensing system and they can most times smell/sense those hormones so acutely that the sides of their noses, right next to the bridge of their nose, well…they tingle and excite the person when they are in their overactive mode changed and/or lengthened in time for who knows all of the reasons.
      And remember that the faster each train goes the more the excitement (because of pleasure) and enjoyment builds within them, thus affecting them in various personal (to the individual’s) ways.

      Now if all goes the VERY best for each train:
      1. Which train will bring it’s passengers to the intended destination the fastest? (#2)
      2. Which train’s passengers will experience the most and best pleasure? (#2)
      3. What happens to most people when they receive unrestrained and total pleasure? (Most times it’s addiction be it to sex, drugs, alcohol, a fetish (such as armpit/beaver touching, kissing, sucking, sniffing, and/or licking), and/or whatever else “floats their boat”, etc…
      4. Train #1 will get there more slowly, but EVENTUALLY. All because it is not made to race down the tracks like Train #2 does because it IS better suited for and made for JUST and ONLY streaking down those highly specialized tracks made to hold it down and not let it go sailing off into space at unstated speeds.

      You my friend Vishal, are on Train #2 with me and many other very “pleased” ppl.

      All of this heads down to this point:

      So you’re on train #2 and so is your Mom, and that’s all good, well, and great.
      But Vishal with sitting on this train right beside and “up & personal” with YOUR MOM… Does it STILL seem okay when the destination of BOTH trains is sexual intercourse due to hormonal interchange and accepted pleasure from said cause? (I hope that you’ll now, EMPHATICALLY declare: NO !!!)

      Would you suck her toes or tits or eat her…well, get imaginative and pick one or two of the two specialized and very personal places that I’m thinking of right now???
      No, you don’t have to be a mind reader to get this right; you just need two functioning testicles or their equivelant female counter parts.

      Would you?????

      I sincerely hope you said no.

      1. It’s just messed up to do that when you look at it apart from where you usually are & also looking at it rationally like this.
      2. You’re making it seem more taboo and thus wrong with what we who don’t do that, like/love to do and it makes it harder for us to deal with all of that that we are dealing with already.

      You could be likened to a shop lifter or a bank robber in that by shoplifting from the same store that we frequent, you make ALL of the prices go up because now they see security flaws and holes that need to be fixed and/or filled by hiring in more security personnel, purchasing more cameras, extending workers hours into overtime to help both you and the shelf stockers keep an eye out for another occurrence of theft, or by some other means. They merely make me pay for it.
      Q: Do you think that they would bite the bullet and pay the piper?
      A: Most emphatically… NO!!

      And you could be likened to the bank robber in that my bank must now take similar measures as the store I frequent did. They do all of that and cut the interest or options they previously & freely give/gave me. So I lose money here too.
      False lawsuits and insurance scams do the same thing and raise my bill while lowering my coverage.

      But here’s the good then the GREAT news.

      BONUS #1:

      There are hormones that can be smelled/sensed on things ppl touch or come into contact with certain parts of their bodies or clothing.
      They can also be smelled in/on orchid flowers also for another example, depending on one’s higher or lower sense/ability there being the determining factor.

      BONUS #2:

      Some ppl have something called a “T-shirt party” which is used as a dating/mating aid/help tool.

      At this party, there are always and ONLY an equal count of females and males. Otherwise the party will not work properly.
      They all wear no deoderant, purfume, or scent of any kind for three to five predetermined days BEFORE the party. AND they wear the same type and sized (unless it is not possible) WHITE T-shirt (it’s white in color so that all of the shirts look the same to discourage cheating to your thought advantage).
      Each person is PRE-told to keep the shirt free of dust, dirt, and oils. Yet they are told to sweat in and on their own personal shirt as much as is possible.
      No one else is allowed to touch your T after you receive it from a party goer before the party.

      Then on party day/night, at the party location, all ofvthe shirts are marked either by a number or a letter.
      That number or letter is PRIVATELY assigned to each and every T, and thus it is correlated to each and every participating person at the party.
      This is done ONLY by a chosen NON-participant. S/he has and secretly keeps the list of names and numbers/letters until it’s time to divulge the secrets on the severely private list.

      Then each shirt is set on a table or in a clean scent free area after or when the participants are outside and not able to see and therefore cheat to get who they WANT instead of who they’d actually pick for themselves through the intended process.

      Everyone participating PICKER (whether that be all males or all females) at the party, is told to go to the table/area of T’s. Then they smell/sense test each and every T on/in the table/area to see which scent appeals to them the most. They write down the numbers/letters on the T, that they like most,, etc… down to the least; it’s kind of like a Top Ten list, if you will.

      The goal is to get your #1 pick T and if not that, because it is already been picked by someone ahead of you, then the person takes their personal #2 pick T, and so on and so forth.

      Each PICKER draws a number/letter out of a “hat” (be that a real hat or just an opaque container) which is held above their head as they are seated below the hat holder.

      Whoever gets number/letter #1 or letter “A” goes first to the table/area to do their ONE and ONLY pick. Each person uses their previously made list to pick their best T.

      After every picker has picked, the Master List is read, bottom number/last lettered person down to the top numbered or lettered person aka the first picker. The thus previously first person is now last in getting their date/mate.The reason it is done this way instead of numerically/alphabetically descending is that it becomes fair like this. Who wants to be last, then last again? You’d feel ripped off wouldn’t you? So would your date/mate. So for these reasons the first is last and the last is first. Wah-la!! There IS balance once again in the Universe. LoL!!

      So now you’ve got the person you picked based ONLY on scent.
      Supposedly the two of you will get along better because the smeller loves the scent of and picked their own smell-e (NOT smellY LoL!!).
      If you flip flop male for female in each role (smeller and smell-e) with the same group of persons you’ll find out if you picked each other or another. THEN you can pick who you want to date/mate with greater accuracy as per the tests rules, if they are not changed, minimized in importance, or foregone all together.

      Sounds like a FrEaKiN’ blast doesn’t it???????? =©)~~~~

      Fetishes can be SO much fun when used properly and most of all LEGALLY.

      I hope that this helps some other ppl out too.

      So whoever gets anything out of this post “Enjoy RESPONSIBLY”, as one unnamed beer manufacturer’s commercial states. (LoL!!)

      Good thing I’m done… Typing all of this out on my Droid has given my hands and fingers numbness and pain.
      So, I think I need an armpit partner, of the opposite sex (and not a relative or in law relative of mine) to make me feel better right now. Oh YeAh !!

      Sniff n lick on ma fellow guys and fellow gals!!
      Wanna do a pit party? He he!

      – Sniffarific

      P.s. – I typed all of this out in one setting… On my Droid.
      Do you now see how much importance this topic has for me?
      My hands and fingers are KILLEN me right now.

      Peace Out !!

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