Get sexier armpits with dumbbell exercises

Let’s practice dumbbell to make armpits sexier
Let’s practice dumbbell to make armpits sexier

It’s a small, portable tool. Practical enough. We can always adjust its weight to our arms’ limit of strength. Yet, a dumbbell is very useful. It can burn your armpit fat fast. Do some combination workouts with this tool, and feel that your muscles around shoulders, arms, chest and armpits be tighter. Want to try?

Dumbbell exercise to train armpit muscles tip

  1. Do a warming up or stretching for about 10-15 minutes. Never skip this.
  2. For beginners, choose light dumbbells first. Don’t get rush to get maximum impact, unless you want to get hurt and have muscle trauma.
  3. For you who need to burn fat around armpits area, take exercise with constant weight but increased repetition. For example, take 2 kilos dumbbell. Do 10 times repetition in 4-5 set. Then, gradually add up the repetition.
  4. For you who need to form or strengthen the muscle around armpits area, decide your repetition. Then, gradually, add up the weight. For example, do a 4-5 set of exercise, with 10-15 repetition each. But, if this week you take 2 kilos dumbbell, then next week must be 3 kilos, the week after is 4 kilos, and so on until you reach maximum weight for your arms.
  5. Put your specific target. There are a lot of muscles around the armpits. It’s better to start with big muscles and end up with tinier muscles. For instance, your target in first day is chest muscles, tomorrow is back muscles, day after tomorrow is shoulder muscles, next is biceps, and finally triceps. By doing this, the muscles fatigue can be distributed well and heals easily.
  6. Don’t forget to maintain the breath for a better fat burning. When you raise the dumbbell, exhale. When you release it, inhale.
  7. Avoid locked position of hinge (arm is totally straight) when you raise the dumbbell. Locked hinge would increase the possibility of injuries.

Dumbbell exercises to tighten armpit muscles variation

Biceps Curl

Dumbbell exercise for biceps muscle. Why this part is important? Because it can give a better look of your armpits. So make sure your biceps are firm and slim.

Triceps Curl

Dumbbell exercise for triceps muscles. This particular muscles are important too. If you don’t train it good, your armpits may look hang down with a lot of fat.

Shoulder Press

This is dumbbell exercise for front-shoulders muscles.

Shoulder Side

Dumbbell exercise for side-shoulders muscles.

Shoulder Back

Dumbbell exercise for back-shoulders muscles.

Up Row

Dumbbell exercise for shoulders muscles in general.

Bench Press

Dumbbell exercise for chest muscles.


Dumbbell exercise for pectoral muscles in sides.

Pull Over

Dumbbell exercise for shoulders muscles in general. It’s good for lower part of chest too.

One Arm Dumbbell Row

Dumbbell exercise for back and triceps muscles.

All this workout can be done with one or two hands at once. It’s all good to build firm, sexy armpits. The fun is, you can do the dumbbell exercise specifically or in mix with other exercise, like yoga, running or aerobic. But to get optimal result for your armpits, you need to practice five times a week. An hour each, including warming up and cooling down. It won’t be time-consuming.

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