Herpes on armpit

Avoid herpes on your armpit. This is really not cool.
Avoid herpes on your armpit. This is really not cool.

Yes, herpes can attack the armpit or axillary region too. This is not a problem of the armpits cleanness or the human. It’s more about the virus. Bad luck, maybe. Yes, herpes on armpit is definitely one of the embarrassing and stressful anomalies.

Sometimes, the sufferer tried many treatments and solutions, both with prescription and over-the-counter. Instead of real healing results, the only thing that she seemed to experience is negative side effects and frustration. Plus, knowing that she would have to use these treatments for the rest of the life.

Herpes is an infection due to the reactivation of the varicella-zoster virus. People who affected by shingles usually have never had chickenpox during the childhood. The virus is actually never gone or dead. It’s only hibernating in your body, waiting for the right moment to come back to life.

But chickenpox looks like bumps. While the herpes rash were assembled, and are usually painful with extremely itchy. A burning sensation could also occur several days before the rash starts to show and may last up to several months after the rash disappears.

Treating Herpes on armpit

Because it is caused by a virus, the disease can be cured by itself (self-limiting disease) within a few days to several weeks within the normal body. Generally speaking, as the initial treatment attempt, you can wash it with antiseptic soaps (like Detol, Asepso, or other). After, apply acyclovir ointment under the infected armpit.

If the pain continues, contact your doctor. He would give some antiviral drugs to be taken five times a day. The drugs will work more effectively if you start consume them within 72 hours after the onset of rash. In addition to antivirus, the doctor sometimes prescribe oral corticosteroids to relieve post herpetic neuralgia (pain after healing of herpes zoster residual).

Beware, herpes can also spread to other armpit areas, including neck, chest, back, mouth, et cetera. Thus, when you feel itchy on your armpit skin, try not to scratch it. Do not let the rash containing the water burst, because the virus can spread. And in some cases after it’s gone, your armpit would be darkened. Once you had herpes on the armpit, chance are, you say good bye to your smooth armpit.

Prevention of Herpes in armpit

The herpes virus can be anywhere and attack anyone, especially those whose body resistance are weak. If you are stricken by herpes in an area of the body, never scratch it. Or, if you had to scratch it, don’t touch another part of your body after that, because that’s how the virus transmit.

Beware also of the tools such as shaving razors. They can be the bridge of the virus too.

After all, stay healthy. Helps yourself with healthy foods and beverages, avoid dirty habit and infected fellows. If it’s not too much trouble, make your armpits and genital area hairless all the time. Exercise routinely. Once you have improved the immune system of your body, the virus won’t be easily come to you.

How if the herpes is gone far already

For your information, you can holistically learn how to cure herpes here. There are comprehensive program to heal and prevent the virus effectively. It’s worth to try before final option: surgery.

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    1. If your not in an outbreak in the southern region you should be good. Now if your having armpit sex I would have to say NO because that’s where your breakout is and its contagious….

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