A healthy, pretty armpits
A healthy, pretty armpits

Armpit is a body part that’s hidden under our arm. It’s often folded. But once shown, it has its own charm. There are generally two types of armpit. First, the ones that can make people say, “Wow!” And second, the ones that people laugh at them. Which armpits are yours?

This blog helps you to have the first type!

The armpits need to be treated for the sakes of health and aesthetic. Herpits will give you practical tips and insights about the armpits. How to make them healthier, prettier, and smell better.

Herpits also aims to inspire people to be beautiful in their physical appearance, to be healthy and love their body, and to be happy and have confidence in what they do.

Visit it often. It’s updated weekly.

45 thoughts on “About”

  1. wow, your blog is very outspoken. Maybe I’ll visit again if you show some scientific background on the posts. Maybe interesting!

  2. it would be if i can meet gourgeous ladies with their sweaty armpit. like to sniff & be smothered by em to hi3

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  4. Laki2 biasa memuja wanita dan doyan lebih pada bagian2 tertentu sperti mata,hidung,bibir,payu****,kebetulan aja disini khusus yg doyan ketek hahaha. Penggemar yg sperti ini sbnernya bnyk,hanya jarang yg brani terus terang bahkan ama pasangannya, ga kaya bro denny nih yg blak-blakan. Berdasarkan pengalaman gwe cewek jg bnyk yg bangga dibilang kita suka keteknya,bahkan ada jg yg doyan keteknya dicium,dan gwe memang pernah baca di majalah,disana memang bnyk saraf2 yg apabila disentuh bisa membuat cewek bergairah 😀

  5. @Goku

    ane seneng banget baca komentar enter krn ane ga sendirian. perasaan dulu ada komunitas2 onlen sama blog2 khusus memuja ketek cewek tapi kemana ya sekarang. ane mau gabung soalnya.

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