Honey treatment for underarms

Armpit therapy with honeyDid you know, honey can neutralize bad smell from your arm hollows. It is good for you who used to sweat a lot under the arms, either because of activities or hormonal factors. The substances within honey is efficacious to neutralize and to balance the hormones. So, unless you are a diabetic, it is always recommended to consume honey everyday. However, honey is not only for drink.

Furthermore, you can also coddle your armpits with it. Wait, what?

OK. You might have heard about honey for beauty treatment. In spas, for example, honey is so common for facial. One of its benefits is to prevent the acnes.

Now, if it’s good for face, why not for underarm skin too? Honey would make your armpits fresh and elastic. Here’s how…

Drop two spoons of honey to the bath

After cleaning your body with soap and rinsing it, prepare to soak in the bathtub. Pour two tablespoons of honey into it. Soak in it for 5-10 minutes while massaging your armpit gently. Let the honey water seep to the skin. Then, dry your armpits with a clean towel.

Armpit therapy with honey

Do this treatment at least twice a week. Besides the benefit of relaxation, such therapy does also make your sweat less smell all day long, even without applying roll on or deodorant powder. Remember, just two tablespoons of honey. Not more. Or else, you would invite insects to crawl over your body tonight.

Use honey as a scrub armpits

Do not have a bathtub? Not a problem. You may also apply honey as a scrub on your underarm directly. A thin layer only. Then, gently massage your armpit for three to five minutes. Let the substance there for five to ten minutes. And, rinse and wash your armpit dry.

Armpit therapy with honey

Do this treatment at least once a week. Within a month, your armpits would feel so much smoother, brighter, and smells wonderful.

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