How to Tickle Her Armpits Real Good

Tickle armpitsTickling is fun activity! Especially when it involves the beautiful armpits. Don’t believe? Well, try it! I give you the golden tips:

  1. Tickle only someone you know well, not a stranger! Make sure she likes being tickled. Don’t make this fun activity illegal. Never tickle pregnant women or someone who has breathing problems.
  2. You must tie the object so she can’t escape. For example, on the bed post. Ensure the ropes are tight enough to restrain her properly, but not tight enough to cut off their blood circulation.
  3. Make her comfortable, so she want you to do this more sometime. You may even want to place a pillow under her lower back. This helps to support the back.
  4. Have some tools with you to tickle with, like feathers, toothbrushes (electric toothbrushes even better!), baby oil and powder, paintbrushes of various sizes, and blindfold (to make her more ticklish).
  5. Start by tickling her feet, stomach, hips, or thighs first. She’ll get warmer. So by the time you reach her armpits, you get the real sweaty ones. Yummy!
  6. Tickle her armpits with the toothbrushes, feathers, fingers, or even tongue! Some minutes after, use the baby oil for added ticklishness. The oil cuts down on surface tension, thus intensifying the tickling sensation.
  7. Know her limits. If her face turns red and she doesn’t laugh or respond anymore, it’s time to end the party.

Well, good luck and have fun!

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