Let your armpits breath

Your armpits need a break too. Give them air.
Your armpits need a break too. Give them air.

As we know, armpit is a sensitive, hiding area of human body. Tickling it or even just talking about it would make you laugh. However, the problem lying under your arms is definitely not funny. One of them is we called clogged underarm.

The clogged pores can be caused by things like a build-up of dried skin cells, ingrown hairs and overuse of antiperspirants, which work by temporarily clogging the pores.

As any other skin area, armpits need to breath. You know, working out, wearing tight clothes, go hiking or other activities that discourage you to take a bath can contribute to make clogged underarm pores.

What does possibly happen when your armpits fail to breath? Same as when you never washed your make up. It would be filthy and easier to get irritation, acne, be pallid, or even darkened time after time. Unless you don’t care about those threat, I suggest you to clean up pores in your armpits routinely.

The pores in your skin excrete sweat and oil. And the sweat itself is natural fluid to cool off your body. So, the sweat glands in your armpits are there to help your body chill itself. These particular glands release sweat directly into the hair follicles.

Now tell me, if your pore is clogged because of an ingrown hair, what would happen? Messy, of course!

So, how to overcome this situation? Try to use hot compresses to soften the skin and allow the hair to work its way out. All other clogs should clear up if you wash with soap and warm water.

Another advice, never overuse antiperspirants. At least one day of a week, let your armpits free. Don’t put any deodorant, eau du cologne or eau du parfum. I recommend you do the liberty in your weekend and holidays. Don’t worry about the smell since it should be your “me time”.

If you too busy and still have to meet people every single day, well, be calm. Just don’t move too much. Prevent yourself to sweat too much. Try to avoid strong food and beverage to maintain your body odor. Then, drink pure water at least two litters a day.

I think that’s enough to keep your armpits smell normal while not putting any deodorant or else on it. With a little effort, you can get your armpits back to their healthy, normal selves. They will thank you 🙂

2 thoughts on “Let your armpits breath”

  1. great idea here. modern people like us would like to ‘coat’ the armpits with deo or parfum all the time. it’s just unhealthy.

    thanks for posting a valuable one, anyway.

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