Let’s Talk about Armpit Acne

armpit acneArmpit acne is caused by a myriad of things. Certain fabrics and underarm products can irritate the skin. Improper shaving can result in “razor bumps”. But most commonly, armpit acne is caused, like the pimples on our faces, by the clogging of the pores with oil and bacteria. When left untreated, armpit acne can worsen and turn into serious skin problems.

Damp armpits don’t just increase the chances of body odor, but also traps bacteria. Combined with dirt from the air and the oils our bodies naturally possess, the skin becomes inflamed and becomes a pimple. These pimples can become painful, and are often filled with pus.

Inability to control underarm sweating when you’ve developed one of these can lead to the pimple sticking around for a very long time, as the sweat continues to feed bacteria into the wound. Thus, the sweat glands in your underarm may end up become inflamed and infected.

To prevent this, it is important to always keep our armpits clean and dry by using powders, or by regularly wiping sweat away. Many people would opt for antiperspirants, but this can end up worsening things as antiperspirants themselves clog pores to keep sweat from coming out. Badly clogged armpits can result in the inflammation of the sweat glands causing abscesses, which are infections caused by staph bacteria and require medical attention in order to heal.

Damp armpits also cause skin rashes on hot, humid days. Known as heat rashes, these are red, itchy rashes caused by the heat and the material of your clothing. Sometimes, the rashes develop whiteheads. On such days, you’ll want to wear light, airy fabrics that enable the breeze to pass through your clothes easily, eliminating sweat and odor constantly. You also want to avoid shaving, as improper shaving can cause hair follicles to be trapped under the skin causing irritation.

Armpit acne can be treated by bathing thoroughly and regularly, using creams and soaps containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide that dry out pimples and pus. It’s important to dry your underarms properly after showering to prevent dampness. Pimple creams created for facial use can be used safely on underarms. As these dry out even unaffected skin, always use a non-greasy moisturizing lotion afterwards. Cutting down on greasy food is also advisable in order to prevent overproduction of oil in our systems.

When using deodorants, it’s best to go for a hypoallergenic one without fragrances that can further irritate the skin. When armpit acne is severe, though, do not hesitate to approach your dermatologist, who can provide prescription medicines suiting your current needs.

We don’t have to get to that point, though. Maintaining proper hygiene can keep us from developing armpit acne in the first place.

Other additional tips for proper underarm care include exfoliating occasionally, using light scrubs in order to remove dead skin cells and lingering dirt. A regular routine of underarm hair removal through methods like waxing, plucking, or using depilatory creams is also advised in order to prevent BO. With a little effort and dedication, your underarms don’t have to be your enemy anymore.

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