OMG! Hairy Armpits in Beijing Subways

In the summer of 2006, I came to Beijing. I often heard that China is a country that had been very rapidly developed. But when I really jumped into the society in Beijing, there were still a lot of things that made me wide-eyed. People had been smoking in almost all places. They drank beer. Shirtless males were passing by in the campus yard with their distended belly. People were spitting.

And the girls do not shave her armpits! They wore tank tops or fashionable strapless, with the coolest haircut and the most interesting accessories. They were so chic. But what would you do when they are in front of you while on the bus or subway with their hands raised to hold on? I think we are embarrassed. But they were just ignorant.

In 2008, it was an Olympic year, there were so many amazing changes. China’s government strictly forbids smoking in public places, campaigns for living more orderly, clean, and healthy. No spitting, more polite waiters in serving customers, and so forth in order to welcome this great sports party.

However, that still has not changed for hairy armpit women. My friends and I always felt curious. If any girl was wearing super-short sleeves, we always tried to peek under her arms.

According to my Chinese native friend, the girl who shaved her armpits is regarded as the bad girl. A strange reason, isn’t it? I laughed. But who am I among China’s 1.3 billion people? Who am I expecting Chinese women shave their underarms?

I should have been grateful that they stop spitting anywhere and talking loudly on the cellphone. The important thing is to adapt to the habits which peculiar to us. After all, not shaving the armpits is not harming anyone. (by Cindy)

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