Open your armpits, it’s relaxing

Put your arms up, you'll be happier
Put your arms up, you’ll be happier

In yoga practice, there are a lot of arms up positions. Consequently, we can see many armpits exposed during that activity. Do you know why? Simple. That’s because put the arms high is pretty relaxing. Some yoga masters even say, “We can’t be depressed with our arms raised over the head.”

I do believe this. Because, I feel this too.

Let’s do some experiment. Lift your hands in the air. Keep it there while you close your eyes. Don’t think anything. Just smile and breath deeper… slower.

Do this for a minute.

You feel that joy, don’t you?

Did you know, in Chinese medicine, the heart channel begins from the armpit. Then, it runs down the inseam of the arm, through the palm, and to the pinkie. Meanwhile, in the modern medicine, the chest pain due to coronary heart attack does also radiate down the armpit in the similar way.

Raising the arms high is giving the breath to your armpits, which are strongly connected to the heart, according to the Chinese medicine. Thus, it stimulates the heart channel and makes us happier. More relaxing.

A good friend of mine is a meditation guru. She told me that the key of relaxation is to let your armpits exposed. No, she’s not a exhibitionist. Here’s what she means: it’s not healthy to put your arms below the head all the times. To cheer up your life, you need sometimes to raise your arms over the head, whether from a position of standing, sitting, or lying on the bed.

This is why stretching our body after sleeping feels so good. Clapsing your hands on the head after intensively worked in front of computer would relieve your brain in a while. Laying spread-eagle on the floor after a series of workout would be so relaxing. And I bet one of your favorite position when resting on the bed is the one with arms up.

I knew it! There must be a good reason why some women like to expose her armpits.

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