Simple tips to get rid your armpit sweat problem

Struggling with sweaty armpits is a common problem. I am not talking about getting sweaty when you are running or working out, but the excessive armpit sweating that occur when it seems unnatural to sweat. This type of problems with sweating is also known as hyperhidrosis.

The sweating problem can often be difficult for those who got it. I have personally experienced several years struggling with sweaty armpits. I would guess it started when I was in my puberty age.

The embarrassment related to the growing sweat stains under my armpits, followed by the smell, resulted in me trying to avoid social events and I was always avoiding talking to or getting close to other people. When looking for new jobs I was always considering how this or that job was fitting to my sweating habits. I started to choose work arrangements where as few people as possible was able to smell what was going on under my arms.

It was not until I came across the solution to my armpit problem I actually started to date girls. Before that I had always been afraid of how they would react to the sweat issue as well as how I would be able to hide it from her. I believe that a lot of people with sweating problems are relating to what I am saying here. Even though the armpit problems are natural we are all too afraid to admit we have them. It is not like we do not shower. I was probably showering more back then when I had the problem, than I do now when I am over it.

What I discovered when I was trying to get rid of my problems with sweaty armpits was that the products on the market did not do what they promised. I tried several anti-perspirants and deodorants but none of them solved my problem. I even visited the drugstore and tried some of their more medical anti-persperants but even those did not help me.

Still, in a cloud of desperation, I finally found a solution to my problem. This might be one of the most valuable and appreciated moments in my entire life. The burden is now of my shoulders (and the armpits as well) and I am finally past my period of sweaty armpits.

One thought on “Simple tips to get rid your armpit sweat problem”

  1. Hi there, Marn… how are you doing?

    A nice piece of writing you’ve got here. You’ve included interesting facts and details about your own experience in keeping your armpits dry…

    Nevertheless, I would like to underline something about your article. Please don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean to be patronizing or sarcastic here; I simply want to express my opinion, okay?

    Despite your cool story line, you never actually mentioned the tips you had discovered for your sweaty armpits problem… What were they?

    I completely agree with you, though: excessive armpit sweating is indeed an unpleasant problem which likely brings unwanted consequences to people who have it.

    Almost anyone, regardless of sex, age, or status, could suffer from hyperhidrosis. In fact, world celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Halle Berry, and the super sexy Miranda Kerr are also famous for their very sweaty armpits (still, I would definitely park my nose in Miranda Kerr’s sweaty armpits anytime, every time… hahaha!).

    Anyways, please share with us the solution(s) to your armpit flooding that you said you had discovered, will you Marn? Although I myself have never had excessive armpit sweating beyond the norm, I’m sure many of us armpit-ers on this site could definitely benefit from your experience… 🙂

    Best Regards,
    – Dr. Pits –
    Doctor Philosophiae * (PhD)
    Expert in the dynamics of women’s armpits
    *no connection with Sophia Latjuba

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