Sleeveless shirts, dos and don’ts

Sleeveless shirts in the World Cup
Sleeveless shirts in the World Cup

You must notice, sleeveless fashion is very famous. It’s everywhere. It’s also worn to suit any occasion and location, such as a party, gym, mall, college, workplace, home, or stadium while watching the World Cup’s match. For most women, the sleeveless shirts give a plenty improvisation to add other accessories, such as scarves, more bracelets, etc.

Even without any accessories, actually, a sleeveless cloth would make you look sensual and graceful. As long as you know how to wear it.

Sleeveless shirts are not recommended for…

  1. Stooped women. No offense, but do you have a stoop body? Sleeveless clothes can possibly make you look not so pretty, my friend. But if you insist to wear a sleeveless, at least try to train your spine upright. Check your posture in the mirror. Ask some friends’ opinion. If they say OK, then wear it anyway.
  2. Women whose upper arms are big. You know, the sleeveless shirts would make you look like a heavyweight boxer. No kidding, it can even make your arms look bigger. Sorry to say, but you’d better reduce the fat first, or at least tighten your arms, then wear your lovely sleeveless.
  3. Women with tattoo on the arm. This is not a fashion tip. Just a social hint. If you have a tattoo, you should avoid wearing sleeveless clothes, especially at the formal occasions like family gathering or office meeting. Because until today, the owner of tattooed skin tend to be considered as rebellious, unruly people.

Sleeveless shirts will look great when you…

  1. Aren’t sweaty. Unless you put that sleeveless shirt on for exercise at the first place, you should avoid sweating. You can imagine the disgusted look of people at the wedding party who touches your wet, sticky and shiny arms.
  2. Have no problem with body odor. Before present in public area with a gorgeous sleeveless top, make sure you took a shower and wore a deodorant, talcum powder or perfume under your arms. Picture this, you accidentally lift your arm and people around you smell a rat from there. Or imagine a situation when you would embrace someone spontaneously so that your armpits are near to his nose.
  3. Had armpit well-treated. Dare to wear a sleeveless shirt? First, make sure your underarms are smooth, not dark, not hairy or have any acne. There are many people out there look for fun. They wouldn’t hesitate to make a gossip or a joke about your armpits if they think that is “funny”.
  4. Fashion-savvy. It is important to honestly answer, “Do I look great wearing this? Does this match my shape? Does it suit the event I want to go?”

Well, those are the least you need to know before wearing any sleeveless cloth. Now, it’s time to walk tall! And chic, of course.

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