Stubble underarms what to do? A survey still says: shave

Wax? Pull? Shave? Serum injection?
Wax? Pluck? Shave? Serum injection?

This is a classical problem. The stubble underarms. Women want to be comfortable raising their naked arms. But since adolescent period,  regardless the gender, they have hair under the arms. Those hollows look stubble most of time. For most women, this is ugly. So, what to do?

One poll was held recently about overcoming the stubble underarms, and the top answer is still… SHAVE IT! It chose by 63% voter. The rest are: wax (21%), laser (9%), let it go (2%), pluck it (also 1%), and other (4%).

Shaving is a pretty good method to deforest your armpits, as well as clean your annoying stubble. It’s cheaper. Just make sure that you don’t have a sensitive skin under your arms. However, the problem is, after you shaved, you can always see the little follicles down there.

Else, you can go to a professional waxer to get rid your underarm stubble. You might not know how to do it yourself. The method requires your underarm hairs to be at least a quarter of an inch to be waxed. Because the professional waxer then will have to wax in different directions since the hair doesn’t grow one way like leg hairs. That means you have to grow it out first before you wax them clean.

By the way, it hurts like hell! I don’t recommend waxing for highly sensitive armpits.

If you are not able to maintain the pain, why don’t you try laser?to eliminate stubble underarms. It’s less painful. But not as pain as waxing, as people said (I myself never tried laser on my skin). It’s permanent, except for some touch-up maintenance sessions. Of course, you must spend more money to laser your armpit’s hair root.

Actually, there is a short time solution to clean the stubble in your under arm: use dove deodorant. It works awesomely for my underarm skin, and for reducing my stubble appearance. My armpits really are smoother with this (temporarily).

Other answer in the poll: you could pluck the stubborn in-grown with tweezers. It removes the hair from the root, just like wax method. However, it does take a lot of patience. Usually, after you get waxed by a professional, you will get the pluck to. They want to make sure your armpits are really clean and there is no stubble underarms.

OK, I leave you here. So you can try out your own method. Adjust it with your type of armpit skin. Or, just save your sleeveless blouse.

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