Sweat stains in armpit? Yikes!

An ugly sweat stain
An ugly sweat stain

Have you ever look up in your shirt’s part in armpits and found a bubble of stain. God, I really hate it! Recently, I browsed on Internet how to deal with that. I just knew that such stains usually are caused by Aluminum Chloride or aluminum salts in my deodorant.
Aluminum salt doesn’t simply liquefy. When it mixed with your sweat, it tends to form water-resistant stain. Especially after the active ingredients in your deodorant have worn out, and you start to re-perspire.

If you have some shirts with armpit stains and don’t want to bring them to laundry room for a reason, try to use hot water to rinse away the stain. Hot water plus detergent are strong enough to loosen the dried acids. Rub the shirt until that ugly stain is gone.

Now, how to prevent armpit stains from coming back

Of course you must reconsider how you put the deodorant under the arms. Applying a very thin layer of antiperspirant to your armpits will help you to prevent the acids and aluminum salts from getting on your clothes.

A sweat shield or armpit pad is useful, but a bit costly
A sweat shield or armpit pad is useful, but a bit costly

It is very recommended too that before wearing the top, you make sure deodorant on the armpit skin has already dried. I mean really dry. For that purpose, it’s okay to remain topless for a while. Better than spending more time washing the stain again or wasting an extra money to laundry it.

Other options are to wear the armpit pads, or not to wear any deodorant and powder on the armpits at all. The last option I just mentioned might be hard. But, it’s doable if you know the benefit of freeing your armpits sometimes.

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