Little Secrets to Cure Sweaty Armpits

You have never been really a fan of Grey and light colored shirts not because they do not suit you, but because you are afraid that your sweaty armpits would show. Sweaty armpits or hyperhidrosis can often be a big problem for most people who end up becoming conscious and losing their self-esteem.

Sweaty armpits can cause you to avoid interacting or even getting close to a person of the opposite sex because you’ll be morbidly afraid of having him or her smell you. Sweating when it is hot is an acceptable thing but sweating excessively? It is a big no-no and a major turn-off for most people.

Causes of sweaty armpits have been found to be genetic, thyroid malfunction, anxiety and nervousness. This often shows during adolescence – an inopportune time since it can lower their confidence and make them all the more uneasy.

Some people, however, have already accepted sweaty armpits as a way of life. They have resigned that there is no cure for this, and mostly just tried to deal with the problem as best they can. What they do not know is that something can be done to fix the problem of sweaty armpits.

Now, you don’t need to go around and always wonder if your armpits are leaving stains on your shirt.
Here’s how to eliminate sweat on your armpits:

  1. Anti-perspirant deodorants are marketed and promise to reduce underarm sweating and keep you smelling fresh. This may not be that effective for extreme cases nor even work on some people. You may want to try this first before going to the slightly more complicated ways of treating sweaty underarms.
  2. There are foods and beverages that induce your body to sweat more – like beer, coffee, onions garlic and chilli. Stay away from these because it does not only make you sweat more, but also produces a foul smell.
  3. Treatment with drugs such as propantheline and phenoxybenzamine pills can be taken to reduce sweating. Chemical treatments such as the application of aluminum chloride can also help. But before trying any of these methods, you should consult a doctor first before actually trying them. Some of these may cause side effects or possible allergic reactions. Better be on the safe side.
  4. Surgery, electrical currents and botox are some of the solutions to really extreme cases of hyperhidrosis. They make nerves inactive so that your sweat glands will not produce sweat. This is not really recommended since it is painful and sweat is essential for the skin and the body.
  5. There are treatment programs available commercially like Stop Sweating and Start Living which promise you an effective cure to sweating in less than 2 weeks. This treatment guarantees sweat-free underarms when all of your options have failed you. This method is a new method which people have little knowledge about.

Sure enough Excessive Underarm Perspiration can really be an embarrassing problem but you do not have to sit there and accept that it naturally happens. You can do something about it. Find a cure that works effectively for you. See how you can regain your self-confidence easily!

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