Ideas for tickle games

I say this quite often: tickling is fun. Be as ticklee, tickler, or just watcher. But, hey, here’s the secret. Involve the adrenaline to make this activity more thrilling. Play some game together with your friends (I suggest female friends), sisters, girl friend, or wife. Why it has to be in game? Well, if you just tie or pin someone down and tickle her non stop, it would be too dominant. Where is the fun? Let me give you some game ideas…. Continue reading Ideas for tickle games

Tickle someone is not always fun

Sweaty tickling

I mean, yes, it’s always fun for me. Especially when the female armpits are involved :p But tickling is an activity of two people. We, armpiters, know that tickling brings people closer in relationships. But as gentlemen, we should learn about ticklee’s psychology. Here is some statement of them: Continue reading Tickle someone is not always fun