OMG! Hairy Armpits in Beijing Subways

In the summer of 2006, I came to Beijing. I often heard that China is a country that had been very rapidly developed. But when I really jumped into the society in Beijing, there were still a lot of things that made me wide-eyed. People had been smoking in almost all places. They drank beer. Shirtless males were passing by in the campus yard with their distended belly. People were spitting. Continue reading OMG! Hairy Armpits in Beijing Subways

Body Odor Perception

How does one broach such an indelicate topic as body odor except perhaps to borrow from the immortal words of the Roman playwright, Terence, who famously said that, “nothing human is alien to me.” True, Terence probably wasn’t referring to flatulence, armpit secretions, halitosis, foot odor, and the many and unspeakably loathsome scents associated with various fungal infections in the body’s hinterlands when he wrote this. Continue reading Body Odor Perception