Honey treatment for underarms

Armpit therapy with honeyDid you know, honey can neutralize bad smell from your arm hollows. It is good for you who used to sweat a lot under the arms, either because of activities or hormonal factors. The substances within honey is efficacious to neutralize and to balance the hormones. So, unless you are a diabetic, it is always recommended to consume honey everyday. However, honey is not only for drink. Continue reading Honey treatment for underarms

Armpit massage, how to do

Armpit massage
Armpit massage

Do you massage your armpits, folks? Ha-ha, I don’t think so. Such a wasting time! LOL. But did you know, to massage those pits is good to keep it loose. If you are like me, workout routinely with the weights, you need to massage your armpits. And don’t laugh! This is serious. A tight underarm muscles can cause the limited range of motion of your shoulders. Even it can cause such shoulder pain. Continue reading Armpit massage, how to do

Open your armpits, it’s relaxing

Put your arms up, you'll be happier
Put your arms up, you’ll be happier

In yoga practice, there are a lot of arms up positions. Consequently, we can see many armpits exposed during that activity. Do you know why? Simple. That’s because put the arms high is pretty relaxing. Some yoga masters even say, “We can’t be depressed with our arms raised over the head.” Continue reading Open your armpits, it’s relaxing