Let’s Talk about Armpit Acne

armpit acneArmpit acne is caused by a myriad of things. Certain fabrics and underarm products can irritate the skin. Improper shaving can result in “razor bumps”. But most commonly, armpit acne is caused, like the pimples on our faces, by the clogging of the pores with oil and bacteria. When left untreated, armpit acne can worsen and turn into serious skin problems. Continue reading Let’s Talk about Armpit Acne

Armpit Lump, What is that?

This is some kind of enlargement of one or more lymph nodes under the arm. Lumps in the armpit have various causes. Cysts and infections on the surface of the skin of the armpit may be caused by shaving or use of antiperspirants (as opposed to deodorants). This occurs most frequently in adolescents just beginning to shave. Abscesses under the skin may also produce large, painful lumps in the armpit. Continue reading Armpit Lump, What is that?