The trend of hairy underarm

Even women have the right to keep their underarm hair
Even women have the right to keep their underarm hair

Sometime, the attraction of armpits comes from its hair. Underarm hair usually grows in the underarms of both females and males, beginning in adolescence. But in the modern Western culture, it’s common for women to remove the underarm hair for aesthetic reasons, while men tend to keep it.

But throughout the feminist movement, previously in the hippie culture, and in some areas of the punk rock scene, some women choose to keep their underarm hair. The motives are various, from rebellion, egalitarianism, to comfort. Beside, grow up the bush under the arms makes you look more natural.

The trend keeps on evolving. Recently, many men in the Asia, U.S. and Europe have begun to remove armpit hair because of popularization by hairless male models and athletes. They are also thinking it’s embarrassing to reveal them when wearing a sleeveless top.

There are always pro and contra in society. Are you pro or contra for keeping the underarm hair? Regardless your gender. And forget about the healthy issues as well. Each followed problems, whether you shave clean or grow it up, are both resolvable nowadays.

So, what do you prefer?

13 thoughts on “The trend of hairy underarm”

  1. I think some women with natural underarms look very sexy! I do not shave because I love it and so does my husband.

  2. Nice inpoh gan,
    oh iya teman-teman yang lain , bagi foto2 atau video kumpulan terkait ketiak cewek dong,, minta sumbernya juga boleh, soalnya masih tahap penelitian nich,

  3. Emang sebenarnya keti itu secara psikologis, ia me”mimik” lipatan tubuh yg lain (di pangkal paha..he..he.), apalagi yg ketinya berbulu, tentu saja pikiran cowok langsung…wow…, pasti mirip yg disono…he..he..he..
    Tapi itu semua memang ciptaan Tuhan, mungkin agar jadi salah satu daya tarik cewek kali ye..untuk kelangsungan species….biar gak punah… Oke deh….salam.

  4. She looks good to me. To me, hairy armpits are very sensual – especially on Asian woman. Many Asian men hardly grow hair. Penelope Cruz modeled with unshaven pits and she also looks wonderful, and she’s European.

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