Tickle someone is not always fun

Sweaty tickling

I mean, yes, it’s always fun for me. Especially when the female armpits are involved :p But tickling is an activity of two people. We, armpiters, know that tickling brings people closer in relationships. But as gentlemen, we should learn about ticklee’s psychology. Here is some statement of them:

Whenever someone tickles you, it is never a good experience. You never hear someone say, “Oh my God… The other day I got tickled, and it was awesome! That is because being tickled is never enjoyable. For the first three seconds of someone tickling you, you can’t stop laughing. But after those three seconds, what started off as a playful gesture, becomes an infliction of pain. In response to this, you turn completely serious in just a short amount of time. It goes something like, “HAHAHA. NO seriously STOP.”

Depending on how threatened the tickler is, they will either stop or laugh at your dismay and continue. This is when you are able to make a decision about what kind of person the tickle offender is. Someone’s personality can be fully revealed in this situation.

There is no way to avoid being tickled. No matter how blatantly hostile you are towards the whole idea, there is no saving yourself from becoming a victim. I don’t understand why tickling plays such a large role in our interactions with people, in today’s society. This question will most likely never be answered, and the problem of people eventually having a phobia of tickling will never be solved. All we can do is continue to hate the thought of tickling, the actual tickling, and the tickler.

As a tickler of hundred female armpits (\o/ yeah!), I sometime received complaints like this. Though they were only a few. But, hey, let’s play nice! When the ticklee is in pain, stop it. Because it’s not fun anymore. Agree?

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  1. Kalo gw, biasanya pura2 ga sengaja (tanpa plan), wajah jangan mupeng, tapi pura2 jijik (“ih, cewek cakep keteknya asem!”, jangan sering2 nerapin trik gitu.. Yg WAJIB siap: kata2 ngeles kalo dia ntar marah ato ngambek. Yg jelas, lo kudu cool & charming di depannya.

    Ngaku sbg penggemar ketek juga (konon) bisa. Mereka kadang suka dan justru merasa tenang dg keterusterangan. Tapi terus terang, gw ga pernah nyoba2 ngaku, hehe… Gw aliran secret fetish. 😀

  2. bung, ada rekomendasi dimana beli tali temali yang gak nyakitin pergelangan?? gue & istri suka gantian gelitik…. :)))

    • Ga pernah, seingat gw. Gw selalu amati, kalo dia udah keliatan ga menikmati, ya gw lepas. Soalnya gw mikirnya jangka panjang. Kalo sekarang dia ga enjoy, ke depannya gw ga bakal dipercaya lagi.

          • hy gw nak baru nih…..gile..gue baru nemuin nih page sru bgt!!..gue udah fetish sejak kecil tapi gue g ada tmpat buat curhat akhirnya ge nemu nih site!! wkowow oh ya gue pernah gue glitikin cewek nangisnya tuh karna kebanyakan ktwa

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