Tickling fetishism

Tickling fetish, both tickler and ticklee enjoy
Tickling fetish, both tickler and ticklee enjoy

Did you know, a fetish is an object believed to have supernatural powers, or object that has power over others. So fetishism is attributing some kind of inherent value or powers to an object.

However, it has quiet different meaning with tickling fetishism. Acarophilia or tickling fetishism is a deviation in which participants derive sexual stimulation from tickling or being tickled by, another person. Yes, it could be a tickle torture, but consensually.

A torture session begins with one partner let the other to tie her up in such position that leaves parts of the body particularly sensitive to tickling vulnerable, i.e. armpit, feet, navel, breasts, nipples, ribs, sides, stomach and genitals.

Different individuals may find tickling of virtually any region of the body to be pleasurable. This fetish can also involve excitement just from watching others being tickled. Most adults are known to enjoy tickling, either participating or watching. It can play a part in courting rituals, especially among younger people, and can therefore be considered part of foreplay for many partners in the term’s broadest sense.

If you have fun, you may have tickling fetish too
If you have fun, you may have tickling fetish too

However, people who claim to have a tickling fetish are likely to enjoy this activity to the exclusion of other pre-sex activities. For some, the focus is entirely on the tickling, with full intercourse less important or not included at all.

People whose sexuality is based almost solely on tickling can be said to have a tickling obsession. This fixation may also exist outside of sexual contexts.

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  1. This is all true and highly documented. The reason it is true has only been proven by science through DNA. When you are tickled or tickling another some people do enjoy it because our “trigger are just caused by enzymes or hormones in the brain. Some people when ticking or tickled their body releases enomormous amounts of compunds like dopamine, dopamine is a natural narcotic or endorphin that produces intense Euphoria and Pleasure like opium. It lowers your inhibitions and allows you to even involuntarily orgasm, quiver , and sometimes it is so overwhelming you may pass out. I can quickly and easily document such things. Contact me if interested mendelchaimsonnir@gmail.com. I for example orgasm involuntarily almost always If I am tickled. I will tickle if requested but it is my trigger. This is not a moral issue it is simply Science or Fact. Tickle torture( being restrained and tickled beyond your endurance and even hyper ventilate is a common paraphilia) is my most intense sexual trigger but have found only a few partners in my area. Even just thinking talking writing about it produces the effect. It becomes intrusive so I try to block my thoughts so I can function. I would to find a female partner for even just texting or phone sex though prefer the real thing. I have a lot to offer a woman from financial things to marriage.

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