To brighten dark underarms naturally

To get rid dark underarms naturally
To get rid dark underarms naturally

There are several factors that make your underarm skin blackened. This has nothing to do with the race. FYI, the dark underarm means the armpit skin that is darker than its surrounding. Why is this considered as problem? Well, you don’t have to continue reading if you think nothing wrong with darker underarm.

However, most women see darker underarms skin as ugly. It’s not sexy. People would assume that you are careless on your own body, look smelly, and easy to sweat in those area. You don’t want to invite those kind of opinion, do you?

So, what are you going to do to get rid the dark skin on your armpits? A lot of alternatives, actually! But, before you use the expensive methods, you may try this natural, simpler ways:

1. Use lemon. Lemon has ability to eliminate the black stubborn smudges. Just cut the lemon in half, then rub it gently onto your underarm skin. It will be chill, you’ll enjoy it. Let the liquid layer sticks there for 10-15 minutes. After that, rinse your underarm with warm water.

2. Use the water of betel leaf and lime. Rub your underarm skin with a mixture liquid of betel leaf and lime. Done? Let the layer for a moment so that the water seep into the underarm skin. Then, wash it with warm water.

3. Use the potatoes. Yes, potatoes also contains substances that are able to brighten the dark armpits. First, grate a potatoes until it becomes porridge. Next, apply it on your underarm skin. Leave it there for until it dries. Then clean your underarm with warm water.

4. Use herbal whitening scrub. This is ancient recipe of the East with very affordable cost. You should try this.

5. Wear specific deodorant. Currently, there are many deodorant products that contain some extract of floras, which can whiten the skin. Use it to disguise dark armpits.

For maximum results, do this therapy every day for 2-3 weeks. Don’t forget, do all those just after you take a bath. And make sure your armpits are not hairy or too stubble, so it can take effect better.

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