Tools to Deforestation Your Armpit Hair

Apart from shaving and waxing, what other tools can you use to remove the underarm hair? Here are a few useful instruments:

  • Epilators: These are gadgets that look like an electric shaver but are geared towards the smallest and shortest strands of hair that waxing tends to miss. Many of these devices come with a mini spotlight and massage rollers that claim to stimulate the skin during usage and lessen the tugging feeling.
  • Modern Tweezers: In opposition to the old school tweezers that look like scissors and hurt almost as much, modern tweezers appear like electronic shavers. They don’t shave however, instead they pluck out hair painlessly at a rate 30 times faster than an ordinary tweezer.
  • Electronic Hair Removal Pads: This innovation is a circular pad that removes hair when the pads rotate clockwise and counter-clockwise, twisting the hair in the process. This usually comes with extra exfoliating pads and some skin care and underarm whitening products to freshen up the user after.

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