Want to tattoo your armpits? Read on before

Tattoo has been a trend for centuries. It’s an art of permanently body painting on the arm, leg, back, buttock, chest, anywhere. But armpit tattoo? Jeez…

Maybe you already know, tattooing has its own risk. One of them is infected by HIV, Syphilis, TBC (tuberculosis), and Hepatitis B. These ‘top’ diseases are highly contagious through blood contact.

Of course, you bleed when you are being tattooed. It’s a needle thing, Mate! Not a plain body painting. Some people are natural bleeders and bleeding does occur during tattooing. So, for people who have hemophobia (mental illness of afraid of blood) and hemophilia (physical illness where blood clots much more slowly than normal people), don’t even think about getting tattooed.

In some case, people get a nervous stomach while getting tattooed and sometimes even pass out, due to the bleeding. Armpits are very sensitive spot. So consider also about the pain.

Here is an experience of a woman tattooing her armpits:

Before it begun, I need to wax my armpits, the tattoo artist said that shaving is not enough. Then having me on table, he started his work. Drew the outline on my skin surface. It didn’t hurt too much, but I was so nervous. We then got into colors. He starts with red. Then another color. And another. And so on. It was really torture. My armpit skin was raw in nothing but pain. Seconds after seconds, it got worse. Then it ended. I get bandaged with head spinning, lightness.

It’s different with other part of your body, when you tattoo your armpit, you will directly smell your blood, because it’s pretty close to your nose. This is why a hemophobia sufferer should not do this, unless she get drug before the tattooing process.

After all, armpit tattoo? Come on! It looks nasty, don’t you think? Besides, the ink could block your sweat stream and give you trouble one day.

Maybe you think tattooing armpit is cool right after you have it. But what do you do when you have regretted that tattoo? You’ll never raise your arms again while wearing a sleeveless.

So, think before you knock a tattoo artist’s door. Unless you are so rich and able to get advance treatment anytime you want. FYI, a laser surgery to remove tattoos cost hundred thousand bucks. Not to mention that the process usually takes several sessions. Wasting money, wasting time. And your skin never be smooth again.

Be smart. Express your uniqueness another way.

22 thoughts on “Want to tattoo your armpits? Read on before”

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  2. I usually don’t comment on things like this but you are a complete idiot! I have my armpits tattooed and have had them done for years. It does not block your sweat glands and unless you go to a place who is dirty, the risks are the same as any tattoo. I wish you would stop spreading this type of ignorance. Of course you are going to take a bad experience and post it in your blog, you are trying to detour people from doing something that YOU don’t like. So are you telling me if someone has a bad surgery experience, you are going to recommend no one ever have surgery again ?! Ridiculous! Stop spreading hate and writing about subjects you have no clue about.

    1. I completely agree that this post is judgemental. Go ahead and express your thoughts but always bearing in mind that you are no one to impose what others should do and always keep a neutral stance at the end of the day. This was absolutely biased. I dont have tattoos but I love how bold people that chose armpit tattoos are! Please stop condensing others for what makes them happy and confident.

  3. Sounds like the words of a sissy. Since you don’t have the experience to explain the actual process from a client or professional level I don’t think you should judge. I don’t know why you feel the artists in your area are spreading desises but you should probably let the health department know since you seem to be so knowalgeable. Being a wife of a successful tattoo shop owner I can tell you first hand I have both of my armpits tattooed. I love the way the flowers match and I’ve been told it’s actually is sexy as all hell. The pain is all in your head, and I did not have to wax. Each pit took about an hour and they are flawless.
    Be confident ! Be brave ! Love yourself and trust your instincts the tattoo artists that have the highest quality art, sanitation standards, and treat you with respect will give you the tattoo of your dreams don’t listen to people who say something negative you are not proving yourself to someone else and if you are then you should probably just get a cat instead they have about the same crappy attitude 😀

  4. Ur a fucking idiot. And your English is deplorable. Your thoughts on tattoos are bigoted and hands down asinine.

    Let each human be beautiful how THEY want. Stick your personal beliefs up your ass.

    Fucking prick

  5. jesus what a depressing article. you can smell blood? how much are you bleeding? i have tattoos across my collar bone and chest and didn’t have a ridiculous event happen..

    also start an article with blood to blood pass of hiv? in a tattoo article? oh come on… so silly

    1. You will always have serous drainage from a tattoo initially. Remember that it is an open wound. As a former Infection Control Practitioner in a hospital (RN with additional training in infection prevention and control), there is a risk of bloodborne pathogen transmission which include hepatitis and HIV from serum from a wound including a tattoo when it is draining the first day or so. You should dispose of dressings properly and not allow others to handle them or wear gloves if they are helping you with your tattoo care.

  6. I am a 61 year old male who had my tribal tattoo on the left extended through my armpit several years ago. The black tattoo shows up well with my blondish armpit hair. I do not regret it in the slightest. I recently had my entire L shoulder, chest and armpit tattoo duplicated in mirror image on the right side. so they are in effect matching bookends. I have never seen another tribal tattoo extended through the armpit.

    I live in Florida and wear tank tops all year long. I get occasional comments on the fact that “that took guts”, etc. My personal philosophy is that if you don’t like it, don’t look – which is the same attitude that I have adopted about tank tops and muscle shirts. I have never understood why it is OK for women who shave (unnatural) to wear sleeveless shirts while men who do not shave (natural) cannot, It is just not logical. Armpit hair is a natural function of the human body – enough about that rant.

    Some points that I wanted to comment on. The author is true about the fact that armpits are close to the nose. I did smell the tattoos for a week while it was healing which was a bit off-putting. I also could not use antiperspirant until it healed up which was about 2 weeks from the initial tattooing.

    I bought a 7 pack of Hanes White T shirts for $15.00. I got them a bit smaller so that they would tuck up tightly under the armpit to keep the two surfaces apart which helped. I am not accustomed to wearing a shirt to bed so this was a problem. I finally gave up at night but it really helped during the day and at work.

    The pain from the armpit tattoo itself was not that bad – the fleshy underside of my upper arm and behind my armpit was much more painful by an order of magnitude.

    As someone not accustomed to shaving my armpits, I found the stubble from growing back to be quite irksome. The fact that that area stretches made aftercare extremely painful. I had trouble sleeping as my armpit would stretch and pull when I moved. The worst of it lasted about 6 days then it suddenly quit hurting.

    If you want something unusual – go for the armpit tattoo. Just be aware that the healing time is more painful.

  7. My apologies to the women here. I did not realize that my web browser took me to a female armpit site. (I had no idea there was even such a thing) I saw the tattoo discussion on armpit tattoos and joined in. I did not realize my error until I had already posted. Take what you like and leave the rest. I do appreciate the opportunity to share my experience as armpit tattoos are pretty rare (both male and female) in our society

  8. so ignorant. this I tire post is seriously laughable. ? I just had my armpit done in the most beautiful black and grey matching my sleeve, googled “healing for armpit tattoos” and this garbage came up. I seriously can’t wrap my head around the person who wrote this. the writing and excuses get worse and worse and worse. I have never wrote on any kind of discussion online before but I couldn’t go without on this one. goes to show any person can write “informative” bullshit in the Internet.

  9. Tattoo removal in an armpit is not going to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Do you know how preposterous that sounds? If you are considering a tattoo then do it because you want to, don’t make a decision based off this silly blog.

  10. what a load of un informed rubbish. Been tattooed for over 30 years, never once had the smell of blood. Even with my chest tattoo’s which are closer to my nose than my damn armpits.
    I haven’t had them done yet, but i love a challenge.

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