Why Does Armpit Hair Stop Growing?

Hair grows in phases. Each hair follicle begins, continues and stops growing hair. Hair follicles repeat this progression at different rates depending on both internal regulations (like hormones) and sometimes external (like food).

However, basically the longer hair follicle, found on the scalp, has a longer growth period than pubic or armpit hair follicles. So the hair on the scalp is shed very slowly compared to the other regions. Compare this:

Scalp hair is about 1 cm per month or 0.34 to 0.36 mm per day throughout life. Meanwhile, eyelash or brow growth at 0.16 mm per day in average. Beard hair at 0.38 mm/day. Once again, it depends on hormone. I shave my beard every three days, while my friend does it every day.

What about pubic and axillary hair? They grow almost as fast as scalp hair at 15, but slow with age and have a much faster follicle turn over time. The genes control it all automatically. That’s why your armpit hair can’t reach your stomach, even if you never shaved it since you were born.

3 thoughts on “Why Does Armpit Hair Stop Growing?”

  1. Lol. I also wonder why armpit hair grow……so fast..? Like atleast after 2 days..? And won't stop growing. I admit I shave, because that is the easiest and fastest way to remove this armpit hair of mine. But it's not good enough I need something that would remove this unwanted hair permanently and would long last.
    I heard that this laser hair removal is the most effective way on removing unwanted hair. And plus it doesn't really hurt through process because they had a cooling device. I'll try this one and see how good it is. Wish me luck.

  2. If people don't know why a laser hair removal treatment requires more sessions, here's the answer:"Hair grows in phases".

    Another mystery solved:))
    When I had my first laser hair removal treatment the doctor told me it will last a few weeks because it requires between 6-8 sessions or even more. I had no idea why this doesn't work like botox: a half hour procedure and that's it. The advantage of choosing one of the best laser hair removal Toronto clinics is that my doctor explained me how things work, and how the follicles are affected in phases….and all these details before the procedure.

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