Honey treatment for underarms

Armpit therapy with honeyDid you know, honey can neutralize bad smell from your arm hollows. It is good for you who used to sweat a lot under the arms, either because of activities or hormonal factors. The substances within honey is efficacious to neutralize and to balance the hormones. So, unless you are a diabetic, it is always recommended to consume honey everyday. However, honey is not only for drink. Continue reading Honey treatment for underarms

7 Steps to lighten underarms with herbal cream

Herbal whitening cream therapy to brighten your underarm skinDid you know that we can take advantages of herbal scrub to lighten the armpit skin. Nothing is new, actually. In fact, this is an old recipe of eastern people for centuries. A classic method sometimes is the best. If you do the treatment continuously, it could be an effective, fast method to get rid the pigment on your underarms. Plus, the cost is affordable. Continue reading 7 Steps to lighten underarms with herbal cream